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Comprehensive Course on Fluorescence Microscopy

Image Analysis

At the AOMF, we are not only concerned with helping users to get high-quality images, but also with providing them with the means for extracting relevant data from their images.

We have several image analysis workstations equipped with image analysis, image editing and viewer programs, including:
  • ImagePro Analyzer and Metamorph for routine image processing and analysis
  • Volocity for 3D visualization and quantitation
  • Aperio's Genie Pattern Recognition and advanced algorithms for whole slide histological quantification.
  • Autoquant Deconvolution for deconvolution of widefield or confocal images
  • Offline licenses of Maestro, IVIS, LSM, Olympus FV10-ASW, etc.
  • Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator for image editing and publication preparation
We have two general workstations set up (a P4 3.0GHz PC with 1Gb of RAM and a P4 3.4 GHz PC with 8GB of RAM) at PMH and one (Dell Precision 670 P4 Xeon 2.80 GHz, dual core CPU, 4GB of RAM, nVidia 512MB Video Card) at TGH. Each computer also has a CD and DVD writer for backing up data. And flatbed scanner and colour printer are also available at PMH. At PMH also, we have an additional analysis workstation dedicated for use of the Aperio Genie Pattern Recognition software.

We also have training courses available for using the software mentioned above. Please check our courses page for more details.

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