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AOMF - Princess Margaret Cancer Center (PM)

The AOMF's Princess Margaret Cancer Center site at 610 University Avenue was established using equipment contributed by the Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research (CFIBCR) and updated to modern standards using funds from the Princess Margaret Foundation. This site is well-equipped for routine widefield and confocal microscopy. For more specialized applications (such as Slide Scanning for tissue sections, Super-resolution, Laser Microdissection, and more) users should take advantage of the PMCRT site across the street in the MaRS Center.

Here's a quick virtual tour of the PM site:
  • The workhorse of this facility is an Olympus Fluoview confocal, which enables 4-channel imaging of fixed cells and tissues.
  • The WaveFX spinning-disk confocal is equipped with 4 lasers and a stage top incubator for live cell experiments. It was recently upgraded with the Borealis module for uniform illumination.
  • The Zeiss AxioImager, which sports a motorized stage for tiling, LED illumination, and a high-resolution sCMOS camera, is ideal for widefield fluorescence imaging when confocal is not required.
  • The Leica DMI is a simple inverted fluorescence microscope that can be used for checking fluorescent protein expression.
  • The Leica Stereomicroscope can be used for brightfield or fluorescence imaging of macroscopic samples (whole organs for example) or for dissecting.
  • An IVIS Spectrum in vivo imaging system is located seperately on the 11th floor (special access required).
  • This image analysis workstation is equipped with Fiji ImageJ (2D) and Volocity (3D).

Andrew Elia Dr. Andrew Elia from the CFIBCR helps AOMF to take care of these microscopes. Please contact Andrew for a free tour and consultation, to book trainings or support sessions, or to report problems with the microscopes. (If Andrew is unavailable, contact James Jonkman).

Check out what our other sites have to offer:
- Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower (PMCRT)
- Toronto General Hospital (TGH)
- Wright Cell Imaging Facility (WCIF)
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