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AOMF - Toronto General Hospital (TGH)

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The AOMF's TGH site is well-equipped for both fixed and live cells, but it was designed especially for live-cell imaging. All microscopes in this facility are equipped with environmental chambers to control temperature, CO2, and humidity.

Here's a quick virtual tour:
  • The newer Nikon A1R confocal has 2 regular PMTs as well as 2 high-sensitivity GaAsP detectors that allow you to keep laser powers under 0.5% to reduce photobleaching and phototoxicity. It also has a resonant scanner for fast imaging of dynamics.
  • The two Fluoview 1000 confocals are getting older, but FluoviewB in particular is in great shape and is heavily used, mostly for fixed slides. We plan to decomission FluoviewA in 2019.
  • The fully-motorized Zeiss AxioObserver widefield microscope has a full incubator box for increased environmental stability and Definite Focus (hardware autofocus) for multi-location overnight or even multi-day timelapse imaging.
  • Our WaveFX spinning-disk confocal has Borealis illumination for increased uniformity; and a 730nm laser for NIR probes such as Cy7.
  • Our newest addition, the Leica DMi8 TIRF/STORM microscope, allows for 3-colour live-cell TIRF microscopy.
  • A full and active cell-culture suite supports the live-cell studies.
  • The TGH image analysis station gives you access to the latest version of Imaris for 3D rendering and analsis.

Feng Xu, Ph.D. The AOMF's site manager for our TGH location is Dr. Feng Xu. Please contact Feng for a free tour and consultation, to book trainings or support sessions, or to report problems with the microscopes.

Finding the AOMF's TGH Site:
The AOMF's TGH site is located on the 4th floor of the Max Bell Research Centre (MBRC), which can be accessed by crossing over from the 4th floor of PMCRT near the seminar room.

Mailing Address:

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- Wright Cell Imaging Facility (WCIF)

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