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Comprehensive Course on Fluorescence Microscopy

Comprehensive Course on Fluorescence Microscopy

Description: The course includes 30hrs of microscope instruction, a course notebook with presentation slides and lab exercises, and a USB key.  Refreshments and lunch are provided each day.

Prerequisites: None, but it is expected that users have some basic biology/biomedical training.

Date: June 15-19th, 2020

Registration Deadline: May 15th, 2020

This comprehensive course takes the student through all aspects of fluorescence microscopy using dynamic presentations, hands-on training and experience on a variety of microscopes, and independent practice sessions. The topics are as follows.

  1. Day 1 - Fundamentals of Microscopy: how microscopes work, properties of light, contrast and resolution, widefield fluorescence microscopy, Phase Contrast, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Koehler illumination.
  2. Day 2 - Confocal I : basic confocal imaging, optimizing channels, 3D Z-stacks, projections, Spinning Disk confocal, Two-Photon microscopy, measuring the Point Spread Function (PSF).
  3. Day 3 - Multidimensional Fluorescence Microscopy: multi-channel, multi-location, 3D, timelapse and live-cell imaging.
  4. Day 4 - Advanced Optical Microscopy: fast live-cell imaging, FRAP, FRET, TIRF, Super-Resolution (including STED, STORM, and SIM), spectral imaging, other advanced techniques and considerations in live cell imaging.
  5. Day 5 - Image Processing and Analysis: calibrations, filters, contrast enhancement, colocalization, deconvolution and digital pattern recognition. Note: On this day, there will be no afternoon practice sessions.
Schedule: The morning sessions consist of presentations and instructor guided, hands on exercises on various instruments. The afternoon sessions consist of challenging, independent exercises intended to enhance participants understanding and experience on our various microscopes.

Cost: The course fee is $850 for UHN, $950 for academic external and $1900 for industrial customers.

How to apply: Complete the registration form and then either print and mail, email or fax it to us as per the instructions on the form.

Upon completion: Graduates of the course will receive a non-accredited certificate.

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