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Comprehensive Course on Fluorescence Microscopy

Confocal Training II

Approximate Time: 2 hours
Pre-requisite:Confocal Training I

In addition to being an excellent microscope for fixed immunofluorescence samples, the confocal is an ideal platform for sophisticated imaging experiments, particularly in living cells. Once the user has become familiar with basic confocal operations and has acquired a minimal level of proficiency, they then have the option to study more advanced topics. These include:

  1. Live-cell Imaging
    • Heated stage and objective heater
    • Separating fluorescence emissions
      (eg. CFP/YFP/GFP/dsRed)
  2. FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching)
  3. Time-series imaging
  4. Region of interest selection
  5. Macros

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss training on this microscope.

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