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Aperio Scanner
BioView automated FISH system
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Leica SP8 Confocal
Leica STED SuperRes
Leica Stereomicroscope
MMI Laser Capture Microdissection
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Raman Microscope
Zeiss AxioScan Scanner

Image Analysis TGH
Nikon Resonance Scanning Confocal
FV1000 Confocal
FV1000 Confocal
WaveFX Spinning Disk Confocal
Tissue Culture Suite
Apotome system

Image Analysis
Leica DMI
Olympus FluoView Confocal
Xenogen IVIS Spectrum
WaveFX Spinning Disk Confocal

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Leica SP8 Two-Photon
MBF Stereology
Zeiss AxioObserver Widefield
Zeiss AxioZoom Macroscope
Zeiss LSM880 Confocal
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The AOMF manages microscopes across 4 sites at UHN:
- Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower (PMCRT) in the MaRS Center
Toronto General Hospital (TGH)
- Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PM) at 610 University Ave
- Wright Cell Imaging Facility (WCIF) at the Krembil Research Institute, Toronto Western Hospital.

Together, we are equipped for nearly any optical microscopy application, including:
  • Widefield fluorescence for routine imaging of live and fixed cells and tissues
  • Confocal/Multiphoton for high resolution optical sectioning and 3D imaging
  • Super-resolution including both STED (70nm) and STORM (20nm)
  • Resonance-Scanning and Spinning-Disk Confocals for fast live-cell imaging
  • Phase Contrast/DIC/Darkfield including cell tracking and wound healing
  • Whole slide scanning/tiling for virtual microscopy and whole tissue quantification
  • Laser Capture Microdissection for extracting single cells or small tissue sections
  • In vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence for non-invasive small animal imaging
  • Intravital imaging including window chamber models
  • Raman
  • Automated FISH imaging
  • Image analysis stations including Fiji ImageJ (2D) and Imaris (3D)
  • Halo (by Indica Labs) for whole-slide quantitation including pattern recognition
Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and tour of the facility: we will gladly help you figure out what instruments and procedures you should use for your imaging experiments. For a complete list of equipment, check out the equipment categories in the menu.

For a copy of our current fee schedule, click here.
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