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Comprehensive Course on Fluorescence Microscopy

Getting Started at the AOMF

* Download our poster to find out what we're all about.

Before You Can Start
  • Please contact us to arrange for a tour of our facilty and a free consultation.
  • The AOMF is funded 100% by user fees. Please review our Fee Schedule, and make sure your supervisor agrees to these charges.
  • Download and complete our AOMF New User Form. Please follow the instructions on the form for submission.
    NOTE: That in order to complete the billing information section of the form, you will first have to get account information from your supervisor.
  • If your work will involve animal imaging, you will also need to fill out and submit our Animal Imaging Approval Form. We will then send the completed form to ARC (Animal Resource Center) for approval. Only when you have been approved, can you begin animal imaging in the AOMF.
  • Ensure that you have read and are familiar with the AOMF facility policies as well as the UHN biosafety policies and procedures and the UHN Research Biosafety Handbook.

Booking Trainings
  • Before you can use any of our instruments, you must first get trained by one of our AOMF staff. We do not permit users to train other users!
  • To book trainings or full service sessions, please contact us.
  • For a list of our courses, click here.
  • Prior to your training, you must also receive a short facility safety orientation by one of the AOMF staff. This can be done on the same day of your training.

Taking Advantage of our Slide Scanning Service
  • The AOMF provides a whole slide brightfield scanning service.
  • Click here for information on our Aperio whole slide scanner.
  • To get your slides scanned, just come by our PMCRT office (15-305) and drop off your slides either to one of the AOMF staff or you may put them in the slide inbox located just outside our office in the facility, Rm 15-605. Please ensure that your slides are in a box with your name and contact information on it. It is important that your slides are dry, clean, and have clear labels.
  • Or, if you are not from the local area, you can also choose to mail in your slides. Please contact us for more details on this.
  • Typical wait time for scanning is a week, but this may vary depending on our workload. If you need your slides sooner, you may request express scanning, but an extra fee will be applied.
  • Usually, we copy the images on DVD/CDs for you, but for large batches, we prefer that you bring in a hard drive to copy the images onto.
  • When the slides are ready, you will be notified by email/phone and then you can pick them up in the Slide Outbox located outside our office in the facility.
  • To view your images, you will need to download and install Aperio ImageScope. Download the latest version, here.
  • For some quick tips on using the software, you can download the Aperio ImageScope Quick Start Guide.
  • Aperio also provides some algorithms for analysis. If you are interested, come talk to us for more details.

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