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Laser Capture Micrdissection

Laser Capture Microdissection is used to isolate specific cells or tissue sections of interest from tissue samples including blood smears, cytologic preparations, cell cultures and aliquots of solid tissue. Frozen and paraffin embedded tissue may also be used .

LCM is a useful method of collecting selected cells for DNA, RNA and/or protein analyses, because it doesn't alter the morphology or chemistry of the sample collected , nor does it disturb the surrounding cells.

Specimens must be mounted on a special membrane-covered frame, the mmi MembraneSlide, and placed upside down on a glass slide. On the system, cells can then be selected using freehand or geometric tools and then they are cut out automatically using a UV laser. Microdissected specimens are then cleanly removed using the mmi IsolationCap, which rests on the membrane and has no direct contact with the specimen. This setup enables contamination free isolation.

Training Courses Available
Laser Capture Microdissection

MMI Cell Cut

System Specifications
MMI Cell Cut Specs sheet (pdf)

Special accessories required
Frame slides and Caps - these are available through the AOMF. Ask us for details.

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