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Tissue Culture Suite

Our Max Bell site, has a fully equipped tissue culture lab, with a biosafety hood, incubators, cryogenic storage, centrifuge, 4 degree C fridge and -20 degree C freezer for sample storage. Users have access to this equipment plus assistance from AOMF staff.

The AOMF also has some commonly used Invitrogen dyes for live cell staining that you can purchase in small quantities (50ug/vial). If you don't need to purchase dyes in large amounts, this may be a good option for you, since it will save you some money and you can ensure that they are always fresh. Currently, we have following dyes available:

MitoTracker Green FM 50ug
MitroTracker Orange CM-H2 TMRos 50ug
MitroTracker Red CMXRos 50ug
CellTracker Green CMFDA 50 ug
CellTracker Orange CMRA 50ug

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