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Comprehensive Course on Fluorescence Microscopy

Widefield Microscope Training

Approximate Time: 2 hours
Pre-requisite: None (although the Fundamentals of Microscopy course is recommended for beginners)

This training session is a hands-on microscopy course designed as an introduction to one of our basic widefield microscopes (AxioObserver, AxioImager, Olympus Upright, Leica Stereomicroscope, TIRF System, or the Olympus IX81). The specific microscope you will get trained on will depend on your specific applications. Users will be shown how to operate every aspect of the microscope and taught the theory behind each component and how it relates to acquiring the most optimal image of your specimen. Finally, we will show you how to capture images with the camera using the acquisition software installed on the specific microscope. Topics covered in this course include:

1. Basic Microscopy
2. Activating Microscope Components
3. Motorized Controls
4. Transmission Light Path
5. Kohler Illumination (contrast, resolution, magnification)
6. DIC, Phase Contrast (including theory)
7. Fluorescence Light Path
8. Filter Cubes
9. Photobleaching
10. Optimizing Fluorescence Image
11. Image Acquisition with software available
12. Microscope Care and Maintenance
13. Shutting Down

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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